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Robin Zodiac Show ~ Friday, 7-8pm-PST/10pm-EST ~ Call-In ‘LIVE’ 1-Reading

Famous Celebrity Psychic; Robin Zodiac will conduct her ‘LIVE’ Friday night ‘CALL-IN’ show on Blog Talk Radio, between 10pm-11pm-EST instead of iHeart podcasts.

Blog Talk RadioWATCH:

             Psy-Chic Lifestyle (Trailer)

Wednesdays, 10:30pm-11pm-EST at Manhattan Neighborhood Network, Channel 3

No ’24/Live Stream’ ‘Let’s Talk About It?’

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Secrets to Anti-Aging Routine

Anti-Aging Secrets to Glow Young

The secret to staying young is looking and feeling it at the same time. Care for the skin, liver and colon are the most important organs in staying young and healthy looking. Changing habits and keeping to a routine to create good habits is simple as the only work is promising yourself a youthful appearance. [READ MORE]

Raw, Real “Psy Chic Lifestyle” TV Shows

Manhattan Neighborhood Network, Channel 3, Every Wednesday, between 7:30pm-8pm-PST/10:30pm-11pm-EST to ‘Live’ stream or watch on television living in New York City.

Liz Pressman, NYC, is producer and Robin Zodiac, LA, is the co-producer and both star in a reality television program.

MNN tv Show

Robin Zodiac Daily Vlogs is Back

Robin Zodiac is Back Doing Vlogs Daily!!

RobinZodiac Vlog 3-16-2018

Recipes for Readings by Robin Zodiac on Telephone or Skype Chat

Robin Zodiac wants Members to Login and Sign-up For the Psy-Chic Lifestyle Website with Video/Audio Chats with other Users. Until Tax Day, $2.00/minute Charge Direct at 877-924-4783 is (8PS)YCH-IQUE or Chats on Skype: Robin.Zodiac after posting 5 Recipes Live Online.

The birth of a new globe over the ocean
the old globe opens him to make to be born a new earth completely recovered

Robin Zodiac Conducting Regular Videos

Robin Zodiac’s new year’s resolution is to record daily ‘Psychic News Today’ home videos about current events, celebrities or trends happening today.  Ms. Zodiac will try to upload daily videos besides her hour-weekly program.  Check out her first video:


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Renaissance Fashion is Reborn Leggings

legs collection

Leggings worn with thigh-high boots and long tops gives the swashbuckler look from the Renaissance time period.  The Renaissance represented the rebirth of art.  Women’s leggings is showing their comfortable talking about their sexual harassment experiences in Hollywood to the streets.  Shapely legs in leggings can be a refreshing look, when worn correctly. [READ MORE]

Jennifer Aniston vs Angelina Jolie Globes

Golden Globe Presenters blog

What is going to happen on Sunday, January 7, 2018 at the Golden Globes?  Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston are presenting awards during the ceremony event.  Robin Zodiac makes a psychic prediction with a background story being politically motivated by William ‘Brad’ Pitt at the center of it. [READ MORE]

2018 Colors are Rich Blues & Bland Hues

Calvary in Banska Stiavnica, SlovakiaThe DuPont family decides on the year’s colors in the fashion world and their polyester materials included.  It seems their opponent product; hemp has made a profitable comeback to the grassroots of the American way, so blues and hues is 2018 colors.  The DuPont business suppression did not survive with their banksters plot.  [READ MORE]

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