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Call ‘The Robin Zodiac Show’ Tonight (7-8)

On Cellphone

Call 323-524-2599 Tonight, between 7-8pm-PST every Friday is Your show to get a sample reading from Robin Zodiac aka Psychic Mom, who is a Famous Celebrity Psychic from decades of hosting TV and Radio and is available on or contact her at her private studio office at 877-924-4783 [(8PS)YCH-IQUE] for a personal and private reading.  Please tell your friends and family to join the show too!


New PSYCHIC MOM; Robin Zodiac Site

New PM Website Posted on WP

Robin Zodiac is Psychic Mom on Keen and you can click to her psychic reading offers through her new website.  Psychic Mom has been her popular search name for decades. Robin is a mom to a teenage daughter, but wants to give you the best guidance and advice to lead you to fulfilling and happy future.  Psychic Mom will share your burdens as a caring and nurturing kindle spirit.

Also, Call Robin Zodiac tonight, between 7-8pm-PST at 323-254-2599 and watch at Facebook.  Tell your family and friends that every Friday night is the best psychic radio show to ask 1 question sample psychic readings.


Call into The Robin Zodiac Show (7-8pm-PST)

IMG_1576Robin Zodiac is taking calls on UBNRadio, between 7pm-8pm-PST, so call 323-524-2599 to ask 1 question to receive a channeled answer from our famous celebrity psychic tonight. The Robin Zodiac Show can be viewed on Facebook. Tell your friends and family to call and become a Member at too.

Your Call-in Psychic Show is LIVE Tonight

WP August 4 2017 post

“The Robin Zodiac Show” is for the audience to call in, every Friday night, between 7pm-8pm-PST at 323-524-2599 to your loved ones that have crossed over or tap into your situation currently going on to prepare for the future.  Robin Zodiac has been a television  psychic for the last 3 decades and also has worked behind the entertainment scenes in the music and movie business as a reader.

Watch on Facebook! Tell your family and friends to tune in to listen or call for a ‘live’ reading.

2 Broke Girls is 1 Reality Star Inspired

2 broke girls

CBS sitcom creator has divided a known neighbor and reality star into the ‘2 Broke Girls’ characters.  Hollywood script writers usually take a real person to give life to 2 to 3 television personas.  2 Broke Girls is a smart and sexy sitcom with layers of lines leading back to a celebrity’s twitter account for producers inspiration. [Read More]

San Bernardino Mountains’ Ghostly Past

Lake Arrowhead

The San Bernardino Mountain has a sinister past of prostitution, gambling, bootlegging and currently cryogenics.  Locals do not expose the truth of their community, but Lake Arrowhead and Lake Gregory are the most haunted and ghostly places on the planet. [Read More]

Sheer Dusters Stay in Fashion

Sheer Duster Fashion Show

Dusters should be a standard staple in a woman’s closet.  Dusters are trending with sheer fabrics with floral designs or solid classic colors.  Dusters go into fashion, yet the sheer material is a statement of feminine mysterious woman. [Read More]

Herpes Viruses Remedies & Facts

Herpes Health Advice

Balls Palsy, shingles, cold sores and genital herpes are different strains of a long life virus that can be managed by boosting the immune system and taking natural supplements to keep a painful breakout from coming on. [Read More]

Avoid Psychic Vampires

Psychic Vampire

Both psychic readers and clients can be ‘psychic vampires.’  There are ways of recognizing the traits and grounding yourself in a vulnerable time in your life.  Robin Zodiac talks about the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ of the new age industry to help newbies embrace the healing arts. [Read More]

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